ISCEER has been founded in July 2007 in Málaga (Spain), as Management Consultancy for environmental challenges and corresponding technology solutions, by the German Physicist Peter Kindzierski

Motivation for ISCEER foundation in Málaga, Andalucía

  1. Málaga with its 'Parque Technológico de Andalucía (PTA)', its international cosmopolitan population, its international airport (4th largest of Spain) with perfect connections to major European cities and living qualities similar to San Francisco, CA (sky scrapers still missing...), is turning into a European Hightech Metropolis!
  2. Andalucía (Spain) is, corresponding to its high capacity of annual average sun radiation, the European Region with already the highest concentration of installed Concentrating Solar Thermal Power Plants (CSP) and is anticipated to be a major  nucleus for new autonomous European Energy Communities and a new European Mobility, both based entirely on renewable energy supply.
    Locally conducted medium and large scale demonstration projects for new Energy Community Models, new Mobility Concepts and comprehensive Renewable Energy Solutions, assure highly visibility to correspondingly interested and frequently returning groups of European visitors and tourists!
  3. Due to various insights into the Spanish society, the founder was inspired to undertake the new multicultural venture, in this cosmopolitan, dynamically growing and mediterranean environment.


Profile Peter Kindzierski

Founder and Managing Director


Main positions and accomplishments

ISCEER foundation
(Malaga – 2007-07):

Establishment of strategic alliances for common solutions, focusing on the application of renewable energies and corresponding technologies, to enable energy efficient reductions of CO2 emissions and dependency from fossil fuels;

Driving the comprehensive synergy initiative “Via Azul Europe 10” to enable the European Electro Mobility on renewable energies and to establish a European Energy Strategy Transportation, in collaboration with European industry partners, public authorities and institutions;

Established the International Hydrogen Knowledge Center Málaga, with partners: University of Málaga (ES), InfoCodex (CH); to provide an open online knowledge base of up-to-date documents (5 languages) for decision makers;

Created concept Energy Communities, maintaining local, partially autonomic cycles of renewable energy production and application, enabling online/onsite energy trading of local energy producers and consumers, using regional Energy Cards

Managing Consultant – ECP Consulting (Munich):

Offering management consulting for enterprise communication processes;

Providing strategic alliance management and international business development, to establish successful collaborations between European e-Commerce players

Director Content & Knowledge Management - Siemens (Munich):

Driving the breakthrough of virtual collaboration solutions (incl. Business Intelligence)

VP Strategic Alliances – NSE (Munich):

Establishing strategic alliances between ICT solution providers, for integrated offerings to the financial service industry (Banks, Insurances)

Director Global Program Office – Oracle (San Francisco, CA):

Driving development, commercialization and global rollout, towards own and partner business consultants, for Oracle Business Models (OBM), a new Business Consulting package/approach, enabling Oracle’s improved competition in the global ERP arena

Scientific Member of Staff in the German Ministry of Economy (Berlin):

Driving the establishment and controlling of government sponsored development projects in German High Tech Companies (i.e. microelectronics, precision mechanics and optics)